What are Optimal Treadmill Speeds for Beginners?

To look good is something everyone wants to achieve. However, it is not possible without healthy lifestyle changes and a thorough exercise routine. This is where a treadmill machine comes in handy.

While enjoying the peace at home, you can burn quite a few calories using a treadmill. Ultimately, shedding a few pounds will help you look leaner and smarter.

Treadmills have several options that allow you to adjust your pace, either walking, jogging, or running. You can do any of these while staying at the same place and stopping whenever you feel like stopping. Considering you are a beginner; the pace of your walk should be less than 5km/h. Similarly, the pace should increase to 8.5km/h while jogging and anything above 7.5km/h is considered running.

Average Treadmill Speeds

Using a treadmill every day for cardio exercise is a perfect way to lose some weight. However, it requires discipline, consistency, and motivation to keep your tummy flat. A treadmill offers great versatility as it allows you to walk, jog or run, as you desire. Most importantly, you can do it while being at the same place and halting when you feel exhausted.

Treadmill is a great exercise option considering it provides you with a lot of figures. Either it is your pace or distance traveled, you can track your progress quite easily. At the same time, you can tweak and adjust your pace or distance with time, which is a huge plus point.

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Here is a detailed overview of the ideal treadmill speeds to achieve your weight-loss goals if you are a beginner.


Walking is probably the perfect way to start a weight-loss journey. Most diet plans include walking as a means of exercise and losing those extra few calories. Not only is walking a low-intensity workout but also quite effective in the long run.

Now, you can shed that belly fat while walking and remaining in the privacy of your home. Isn’t it wonderful? Well, it is unless you know the ideal pace while walking on a treadmill. If you are looking forward to losing some weight, then a brisk-pace walk is quite effective.

Considering you are a beginner, try walking at a pace of around 5km/h. It is not quite challenging for beginners; however, it is effective. With regular increments in your pace, distance traveled, and time, you can now increase your overall pace.


If walking meets with your stamina easily and you want something more intense, try jogging. Jogging should be the next step if you are a pro at walking. A medium-intensity cardio exercise like jogging is a long-term solution to keep the extra weight off your body. It requires you to move at a brisk pace while allowing you to burn more calories.

Jogging can be quite challenging, especially when you are looking forward to doing it for long intervals.

Most people think that jogging gets them breathing heavily. The good news is that it helps burn more calories than walking. Obviously, the more energy you exhaust, the more calories you burn, and hence, the results will show up quicker.

On average, anything between 7.2km/h to 8.5km/h is considered as a jogging pace. This is an average pace that most joggers maintain. Anything below this would be considered as walking.


Like the fresh air bumping into your face? Well, that’s what you get while running. Running is a high-intensity exercise that requires you to move at a higher pace than jogging. It is considered as the perfect cardio exercise because it’s fun and effective at the same time. An hour of running is believed to burn 900 calories!

Running is quite challenging for anyone testing their limits. Not everyone can run at a high pace or keep up for considerable time without developing stamina. Moving at a pace of anything above 7.5km/h is considered as running. It is a vigorous exercise that burns a lot of calories. The faster you run, the more calories you will be able to burn.

However, we don’t recommend running at a high pace if you are a beginner. It can cause fatigue, injury, or joint pains if you are not ready to pick up the pace. As a beginner, you would like things to be nice and slow. Therefore, if you are into running, try starting from a slower pace and increasing it gradually.

Why Pay Attention to Your Treadmill Speeds?

A treadmill not only allows you to perform various modes of exercise but to also control its speeds. Either it is walking, running, or jogging, you can easily control your exercise pace. As a result, the variables like time and distance can also be acknowledged and managed effectively.

The speed of your treadmill determines the pace of your exercise. A faster pace would yield faster results and burn more calories. Meanwhile, a slow pace means fewer calories burned but with less effort. Keeping a record of your progress is crucial as it allows you to assess your progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Decide about the Purpose of Exercising

Is it a weight-loss journey that you are adopting or just doing it for fun? This is where it gets interesting. Determining the purpose of exercising is equally as important as exercising itself. Some people exercise as a recreational activity while others are looking to lose some weight. Your purpose of exercise navigates your requirements and your ultimate goal.

A weight-loss journey would require a specific exercising routine while seeking recreation has no boundaries. Exercising is beneficial regardless of you are doing it for fun or having a target for weight-loss. As long as you exercise, you are going to reap the benefits, one way or another.

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A sound body and a sound mind can only be achieved with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be attained through regular exercise and deciding what you eat. All these exercise machines like treadmills should be considered as facilitators of the process. If you aim at reducing weight, regular workouts are what most people would recommend.

Therefore, we suggest opting for a sweet spot to start your journey. It’s good if exercise is fun for you, but if you have other goals, try starting with gradual increments. Your treadmill speeds determine your progress and ultimately reflect your goals. If it is a weight-loss strategy for you, monitoring your pace is the right path to follow.

Intervals for Improving Treadmill Speed

It is widely believed that practice makes you perfect. If you do something regularly, you become good at it. The same is the case with treadmills, workouts, and weight loss. Our body adapts to the lifestyle changes that you are trying to bring in with regular exercise.

You might not keep up with the pace at first, once you step on the treadmill. However, with a regular exercise routine, your body adapts itself to meet the exercising demands.

We understand it’s not easy at first. This is why we recommend intervals for improving treadmill speed and setting your pace. As a beginner, you’d like to take things nice and slow.

Working out in short bursts makes it easier for you and is found to be highly effective. Nobody likes to get out of breath with a thumping heart for long! Therefore, fitness trainers suggest doing exercises in bursts or intervals for optimum results. Not only is it manageable but also effective at burning a higher number of calories.


A healthy lifestyle and exercising routing are directly proportional to one another. The more you exercise, the better your health and vice versa. A treadmill is a right option if you are moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

However, using it properly with thorough guidance is the key to achieving success. This article is meant to provide you with an understanding of the benefits and usage of a treadmill effectively.

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