What are the Best Treadmill Workouts for Obese Beginners?

Staying fit is one of the common goals that most people share. The best way to shed extra pounds is to utilize the treadmill that you see in every gym. Initially, it is normal to be confused about different treadmill workouts that you may consider to help you reduce weight. No need to worry anymore; this article will present the best treadmill workouts for beginners and tips for overweight treadmill runners.

Treadmill exercises certainly help in achieving your fitness goals. All you have to do is be aware of certain instructions and basic guidelines that help you shed extra pounds. HIIT and weight training are the two most effective exercises you can do on a treadmill as a beginner aiming to lose weight.

Tips for Overweight Treadmill Runners

Some tips for overweight treadmill runners are presented below. Keep these tips in mind before you start your exercise program. These tips will prevent you from making common mistakes before or during a workout.

Check with Your Physician Before Starting any Training

A rigorous exercise program may require you to get your medical tests first since there could be an underlying condition that you are unaware of. Therefore, you must check with your physician before undergoing any training program.

They may possibly want to run some lab checks on you to ensure that you are fit to undergo a rigorous treadmill exercise. Once your physician gives you the go-ahead, you may start with your training routine.

treadmill workouts for obese

Have Good Quality Running Shoes

Having the right footwear holds great significance as it could be a source of comfort or discomfort while you exercise. Thus, get proper shoes for running instead of simple sneakers.

Appropriate shoes will provide comfort and ease to your foot while exercising. Wearing a wrong pair may result in fatigued feet that may hamper your progress of treadmill exercise. Therefore, be sure to get the correct shoes made, particularly for running.

Grease up or Powder the Inner Thighs to Avoid Bruises

Greasing up or powdering your inner thighs and the pubic area holds great significance during a workout. If you do not do it, you could scrape so badly that you might have to take off from your workout routine.

Therefore, do consider products that are specially made for runners such as Anti-monkey Butt. Also, you could try Body Glide to grease up your thighs and areas where you chafe.

Dress Up

Get dressed for your workout. You must wear comfortable clothes in which you could jog on the treadmill. Dressing up for your workout will get you more focused on your goal. Therefore, choose your style from different brands such as Rainbeau Curves, Kayla Layer Tee, and Krysten Capri. Right clothes not only offer smooth movement but provide compression that helps you perform better.

Don’t Overtrain

Once you hop on a treadmill, start at a low speed with no incline. Give yourself time to get acquainted with the machine and to get your body used to it. If you persist, you will certainly observe a difference in your performance.

Starting slow will help you pick up your pace in a short period. You could begin with a manual setting instead of a programmed one until you get accustomed to varying speeds, inclines, and exercises. Remember to be patient with yourself.

Stay Safe

Be sure to read all the treadmill’s safety guidelines before you get started. Be wary of the emergency stop button. Do not step on a running treadmill. If you need to get off of it, then stop it completely first. Some machines have a clip that you can clip onto. Keep these basic instructions in mind to stay safe during a workout.

Have a Specific Goal

Staying motivated every day to get through the rigorous training is of utmost importance. This could be achieved by having clear and specific goals.

Every day you must come with a personal goal whenever you hop on the treadmill. Such an approach will keep you focused and push you through tough days when you feel like giving up.

However, it is equally important to listen to your body. You must stop on days you feel dizzy or fatigued. It is better to give yourself some rest and resume the next day!

Beginner Level

Being a beginner, never start with an exercise program that is particularly designed for people who are already fit. It is a gradual process where you need to take things slow to get your body used to the training routine.

Starting the Treadmill Training

As you start, do not run or jog the moment you step on the treadmill. Instead, set a timer for 15 minutes and just walk slowly on the machine. Then gradually pick up your pace with a brisk walk.

You must aim to walk enough for you to sweat and breathe deeper. Remember, you are not burning calories if you are not sweating. Moreover, since it is just the beginning, you must not beat yourself up. At this point, you should focus on familiarizing your body with a novel workout routine.

Bear in mind that you must begin with walking rather than running on the treadmill, along with precise exercise sessions. Start slow and take one day at a time.

Walking and Catching the Pace

Now, once your body is accustomed to the exercise sessions, you can take on challenging exercises.

Begin by increasing the time you spend on the treadmill, and after a week or two, you could start running on the treadmill. However, keep your workout mild enough to avoid putting extra strain on your heart and joints.

It should be tough to the limit of making you breathe harder and sweat. Sweating indicates that you are burning calories; therefore, you must sweat while exercising.

Move on to intermediate exercises once you build the stamina required to run continuously on the treadmill.

Intermediate Level

As your body gets used to running and exercising, you could come to the intermediate stage. You can reach the intermediate stage much quicker by exercising daily. Now, let’s have a look at the treadmill exercises in the intermediate stage:


HIIT is an acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is the most effective form of fat-burning cardio. The best part is it can be completed much more quickly than standard cardio.

Standard cardio exercises make you only burn calories that are consumed while you perform the exercises. Meanwhile, HIIT exercises enable your body to burn calories for up to 24 hours even after performing the exercise.

Moreover, the duration of standard cardio exercises is longer than HIIT cardio exercises. Standard cardio exercises normally take over 40 minutes, while HIIT workout takes 30 minutes or less. So, who would not want to get done with the workout fast that lasts for 24 hours?

Performing HIIT exercises thrice a week would be sufficient for you since it continues to burn calories for 24 hours even after you have finished the exercise.

The only downside of HIIT exercises is that they are tough to perform. You might have to push yourself to the limit to get the exercises right. But once you succeed in performing them consistently, you would feel your hard work paying off.

Weight Training

The term weight training might give you an impression of becoming muscular like a bodybuilder. It is not the case here; normal weight lifting will never make you muscular like a bodybuilder.

The Lais DeLeon weight lifting training model assists in toning your muscles along with burning more calories and shedding more bodyweight. Having done this, you will look and feel better.

Weight training your muscles leads to increased muscle mass, making them heavier; however, they often do not appear any bigger. The increased mass indicates that the body requires more energy to move them, which comes in the form of burned calories.

If you are unable to go to the gym, no worries, you can achieve increased muscle mass while staying at home as well.

Getting Fit

Once you reach your optimal fitness level, you could incorporate different exercises to give you better results. For instance, you could incorporate various HIIT exercises into your routine or enhance your muscle training routines and cardio.

All these training exercises could be incorporated in your training routine as you please. All you need is persistence, and you will achieve your fitness goals in no time!


To sum up, treadmill exercises are highly effective for staying fit and achieving your weight goals. It certainly requires persistent efforts to achieve the desired results. But once you dedicate a few weeks of your life to these treadmill exercises along with healthy eating habits, you would witness extraordinary outcomes. Incorporating various exercises into your exercise program will significantly improve the results and make you look and feel better. So, sort out your fitness goals and get on with amazing treadmill exercises!

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