Best Manual Treadmills in 2021 – A Buyer’s Guide

Treadmills are a popular means of staying fit at home, however, treadmill purchasers can be put off by the expense of running electric treadmills on a regular basis. In those circumstances, manual treadmills are the better choice.

Manual treadmills are versatile pieces of equipment, yet few people know these treadmills or their benefits. Should you be in the market for a treadmill without the noisy motor, there are many reputable models of manual treadmills available.

Best Manual Treadmills in 2021

Wheels for mobility
LZG Compact Folding Manual Treadmill for Home, Folding Manual Treadmill with Incline for Walking...
Small, lightweight treadmill design
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill with LCD Display, Compact Folding,...
The following treadmill reviews show you some of the most attractive non-motorized treadmill products currently available in the market.

Buy the best manual treadmills for your home gym!

Sunny Health Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill with LCD Display, Compact Folding,...

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  • Small, lightweight treadmill design
  • Anti-slip manual treadmill belt
  • Battery powered console
  • Foldable treadmill


  • Fixed incline positions
  • 220 lbs weight limit

For those who want to get in more miles a day, self powered manual treadmills are a lightweight option that will easily fit into your home.

Small in size, It’s easy to move around, easy to assemble, and storable in an upright folded position, such treadmills are ideal for those who are limited in space in their home gym. And, while this is a compact treadmill, quality hasn’t been compromised. With this Sunny Health fitness treadmill not only do you get an anti-slip treadmill belt to walk/run on, but it has a load limit up to 200lbs.

Furthermore, make sure you don’t miss out on the treadmill console to monitor your workout progress; the battery powered feature of this Sunny Health Fitness treadmill means you may track your walking or jogging workouts, but you may also just as easily leave the batteries out and go completely manual.

The main hurdle some users will face with manual treadmills is that the treadmill belt is slender in width, which might not suit some individuals’ form/gait. What is more, the Sunny Health manual treadmill is fixed at an incline, meaning you will always experience a more resistant focused intense workout.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill with LCD Display, Compact Folding,...
  • EXCELLENT CARDIO BENEFITS: This affordable treadmill will help you start your fitness journey! Walking can significantly improve mental and physical health. The compact design of the treadmill will get you into shape regardless of home size.
  • COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC: This compact, lightweight treadmill is excellent for small spaces. Running Surface: 42in x 13in. The treadmill is durable and can withstand power walking or light jogging.

LZG Compact Folding Manual Treadmill

LZG Compact Folding Manual Treadmill for Home, Folding Manual Treadmill with Incline for Walking...

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  • 4 in 1 design
  • Foldable manual treadmill
  • LCD console
  • Wheels for mobility


  • Larger treadmill design
  • Short treadmill belt length

This manual treadmill is great for not just runners but those looking for a full body workout; sporting a 4 in 1 design, it’s a versatile, easy to use, self powered piece of equipment.

The 4 in 1 feature allows you to adapt the manual treadmill to assist with sit-ups, T waist exercises, and a draw rope option. Furthermore, there’s also a sole massager, to help ease your feet after a heavy treadmill workout.

Given how many great workout features are included in this manual treadmill model, it’s not the most streamlined treadmill for running, so it is bulkier in size and a lot less minimalistic. Nevertheless, while it’s larger than some other manual treadmills, it may still be folded away for your convenience.

In aid with easy storage, there’s wheels to help move the manual treadmill around your home, meaning you may change which room you workout in. Moreover, when folded up, this treadmill may be stored vertically, which is preferable for a lot of treadmill buyers.

Please note, however, that the belt of this manual treadmill is shorter in length than such treadmills available, meaning it might not be ideal for avid runners, due to the fact they often need more length to run along.

LZG Compact Folding Manual Treadmill for Home, Folding Manual Treadmill with Incline for Walking...
  • ✔ 【Manual Treadmill】Note: This is Mechanical Treadmill not electric treadmill, no power. Maximum load: 150 kg / 330 lb.
  • ✔ 【4 in 1 Treadmill】Mechanical Treadmill, Sit-ups pannel, T-wisting machine and Draw Rope, can exercise the spine flexibly, exercise the waist muscles and tighten the back muscles.Also, we send the Massage Wheels to massage your Sole muscle.

Weslo CardioStride 4.0 Manual Treadmill

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  • Compact manual treadmill design
  • Foldable treadmill
  • Incline options
  • LCD treadmill display
  • Tablet holder


  • No pre-programmed workout
  • Basic treadmill design
  • Only two incline options

Minimalist is the only way to describe these manual treadmills. The Weslo manual treadmill keeps it simple and stripped back, with even its console compact in design.

In spite of this basic treadmill design however, there’s plenty of adaptability for those who vary between walking and running. What is more, you can increase the incline of your best manual treadmill to change up your workouts and introduce some resistance into your workout routine.

That being said, the adjustable incline options are limited to two only, which some runners will find limiting. Moreover, the manual treadmill belt, thus the running surface, is quite short in length, which again can present a little bit of problems for runners, particularly those with larger strides.

Overall though, these are small and foldable treadmills that will fit into many homes, even those extremely short on space. In addition to this, the manual treadmill is highly affordable, less expensive and has a good price when compared with other similar treadmills usually.

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UAMSISTE 4-in-1 Foldable Manual Treadmill

UAMSISTE 4-in-1 Foldable Manual Treadmill


  • 4 in 1 design
  • Foldable manual treadmill
  • LCD display
  • Suction cups for extra treadmill stability
  • Incline options


  • Bulky treadmill design

Generally speaking, this is a solid purchase for any manual treadmill runners/walkers out there. Able to be stored away, adaptable in design, and offering adjustable incline variation, this treadmill has a lot of versatility.

That being said, it is larger than some of the sleeker manual treadmills out there. What is more, some manual treadmill users have remarked on the lack of stability for larger individuals, in spite the fact that the manual treadmill states it may handle the maximum weight up to 330lbs.

When in use, there’s suction cup security to prevent any movement of the manual treadmill, and then once you’re done with your cardio workout, you may fold this easy to move manual treadmill away and store it for home use like walking or jogging.

Just like other treadmill models, these manual treadmills offer T waist workouts, sit-up options, and the messengers mentioned in the LZG treadmill overview. Therefore, this is another all rounder that will be beneficial for all members of the family, even those who aren’t runners.

What Are The Benefits of Manual Treadmills?

Cost Effective Workout

When we comment on cost effectiveness, this isn’t just in reference to the cost or price of purchasing the best manual treadmill but also in relation to the money saved from it not being mains powered.

More often than not, such treadmills have an affordable price, given the fact that they come with less electronic features. Even if you opt for one of the 4 in 1 treadmill models we listed, these are still cheaper than similar motorized treadmills.

That being said, while cheaper, we still advise researching different manual treadmill models to ensure you purchase the best for your individual needs. Treadmill quality shouldn’t ever be compromised on, and so if a manual treadmill is more expensive than another, this doesn’t mean it should be discounted.

What is more, if a console is included with your manual treadmill (which is common), it’s normally battery powered and so you can choose whether to use it or not. This means you can remain completely unplugged and manual, and simply hit the ground running, so to speak.

Space Saving

The beauty of manual treadmill space saving capabilities have been dominant throughout this article, and for good reason — these treadmills are typically smaller than a motorized treadmill or electric treadmills and enable home use.

Of course, this can be a problem for those who take longer strides and need a bigger treadmill belt to run upon. However, as a general rule, manual treadmills prove successful for both walkers and runners alike.

In addition to being space saving when in use, there’s the added benefit of many of these manual treadmills being foldable, and so you can store a manual or magnetic treadmill out of view and move somewhere else when you’re not using it. Granted, motorized treadmills offer this too, but they tend to be bulkier in size due to the features they include.

What Are the Disadvantages of Manual Treadmills?

Basic Treadmill Design

Although a lot of us like the minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle, there’s no escaping how basic manual treadmills tend to be. Both in looks and features.

This is why most of manual treadmills come with small LCD screens, only capable of displaying basic information such as heart rate, speed, etc, and why you simply have a frame and treadmill belt to make use of. Manual treadmills have been stripped back, which some can find difficult to adapt to, especially if you’re used to a motorized treadmill.

If you’re someone who wants to track workout progress, manual treadmills are limited in doing this, meaning you either need to use a workout app and/or consider a motorized treadmill instead. The reason the manual treadmill console has less features is because it lacks power to run them; this is the compromise when purchasing a manual treadmill instead.

In-keeping with a lack of features, a lot of manual treadmills will either have no incline options or minimal offerings. Some will even have a fixed incline that can’t be changed, like the Sunny Health fitness non-motorized treadmill we mentioned above.

Lower Treadmill Durability

Due to the design features of these treadmills, which are minimal, they also tend to be less durable over a long period of time.

This isn’t to say that these kinds of treadmills will fall apart after one or two uses or workout sessions, but that they’ll have less longevity than a motorized treadmill. Given that there’s no need for sturdy extras to help power its workout features, it makes sense that lower quality materials are used to build a manual treadmill.

Should you be looking to have your treadmill for a number of years without any need to buy another, a motorized treadmill might be better suited to your workout than manual treadmills.


Manual treadmills are a brilliant way to gain the benefits of a treadmill but without the hefty price and larger design.

Nevertheless, while manual treadmills can be just as beneficial as electric treadmills, they do some with some disadvantages, such as durability, which need to be considered before you make your final purchase.

You also need to take into account what you’ll predominantly be using your machine for: running or walking. It’s fair to say that manual treadmills are better suited to walkers than runners. Therefore, if you’re looking to simply increase your mobility, a manual treadmill is a worthy investment.

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