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Brooklyn Bridge Park - A Place for Running by Warwick Ford, Fun on Foot
Book Review: Running Strong by Jordan D Metzl MD with Claire Kowalchik
Book Review: Hansons Marathon Method by Luke Humphrey with Keith and Kevin
Book Review: The Exercise Cure by Jordan D Metzl, MD, Andrew Heffernan, CSCS.
Cold Weather Running Tips:  Tips on running shoes, gear, and preparedness from a
seasoned Rocky Mountains runner
The New York City Five Bridges Run: Full details and map of the city's most exciting
training run including the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Pulaski and Queensboro
Book Review: The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies by Jordan D Metzl, MD. Review by
Fun on Foot's Warwick Ford
Weehawken Waterfront Walkway A pleasant run or walk on the New Jersey side of the
Hudson River at New York City
Salt Lake City Marathon and Half 2012  A post-race report on these April events
Conducting Your Business on the Go  Tips for the business traveler
Protest Paving the Old Putnam Trail in Van Cortlandt Park  New York City plans to pave
and widen the Old Putnam Trail. There are better alternatives to this controversial
New York City - Manhattan Hudson River Trail to Van Cortlandt Park  Details of a
connecting route from the Hudson Trail at Dyckman Street to Van Cortlandt Park in the
Pace-time Calculator Chart  Instantly calculate race times for given runner paces and
vice versa
Philadelphia John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge  Up to 9 miles of running trail in a
beautiful environment near Philadelphia airport
Philadelphia Marathon and Half Courses  Detailed descriptions of the courses of these
major events, with many tips for the runner
Boston's Best-Kept Secret Running Place  An introduction to the Middlesex Fells, an
outstanding running environment in the northern suburbs of greater Boston
How Can Frequent Travelers Keep Fit?  The benefits of routinely including on-foot
exercise in your travel schedule
Calories Burned Per Mile  Discussion and tables for calories burned while running or
Mid-Hudson Valley: Extending the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail  Plans to further develop the
Walkill Valley Rail Trail in Ulster County, NY
How to Make Your Running or Walking Enjoyable  Some tips to help you get out on foot
Where to Run, Walk in New York: Old Favorites & New Ideas  Some running route ideas
for New York City
Top Running Routes in Portland, ME  Routes in Portland, South Portland and Peaks
Where to Run, Jog, Walk Around Boston  Some outstanding routes, all in reach of the
Top Running Routes in Dallas  Where to run in Dallas, TX
Top Three Routes to Run in San Francisco  Great running in SF, California

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The New York running route
guide book
Fun on Foot in
New York describes the
best trails and sidewalks to
run or walk in and around
NYC's 5 boroughs.  Over 80
detailed routes, 90 runner
maps and intros to 70
running clubs

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