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Fun on Foot in America's Cities is the USA travel guide for travelers who run or runners
who travel. It describes the running and walking environments and recommends top on-foot
routes in...
"Highly recommended for all public libraries in the
states in which the aforementioned cities are located
and for large public libraries throughout the rest of the
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"It's a fitness plan so simple it's stunning. So simple,
in fact, it's disguised as a guide book.
Fun on Foot
resonated with me instantly. … ."   
January Magazine         Read Full Article

"Fun on Foot is very highly recommended to all
American vacationers, especially those in-tune with
The Midwest Book Review       Read Full Review

"As an avid jogger and well-traveled executive of a
California telecom firm, Warwick Ford could write a
book on great places to run in big cities across the
USA. And now he has."
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" What we found most enjoyable about the new guide
is the handy tips such as which Washington DC
neighborhoods are best for walking, average
temperatures, a map to plan your route, and what to
look out for along the way."
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"A fun and entertaining guide to walking routes in
major cities. A great source of information for travelers
that want to stay fit while away from home."

"It’s an easy read, but also very informative and
entertaining with over 64 maps and 125
photographs.   It is a great choice for any exercise
enthusiast."   Read Full Review

"Ever been in an unfamiliar metropolitan area and felt
the urge to walk or jog off a meal or just stretch after a
plane flight?  
Fun on Foot in America's Cities … can
help you find a safe and scenic route in big cities."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"While city life presents the most unique challenge to
outdoor exercise,
Fun On Foot in America’s Cities
provides fifty interesting walking/running/inline-skating
routes in fourteen metropolitan areas. Business
travelers especially will make good use of this book."
ForeWord Magazine

"Fun on Foot in America's Cities is ideal for business
travelers, avid runners, active vacationers, and anyone
who likes to explore the urban outdoors. ... The routes
are so well chosen, and the Fords' enthusiasm and
expertise so infectious, that when you reach the end
you'll want to start all over again."
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"Fun on Foot is a new tome designed to help
exercisers stick to their fitness program while away
from home on business or on vacation."
New Jersey Star-Ledger

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The book featured in
USA Today

Winner, National Best Books
2006 Awards  (Health: Exercise
& Fitness Category)
Available from or buy online here.  
ISBN 978-0-9765244-0-3   Paperback  388
pages. 190 illustrations including 64 maps.
Table of Contents       Read Book Introduction    Reviews and Testimonials
The guide book for the traveler who keeps fit the
tried, true, easy way -
running or walking
Los Angeles
New York City
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC
Travelers, especially business travelers, face challenges in keeping
answer for many of us.  We want to get outdoors and run or walk
vigorously, but we have limited time and serious doubts as to where
to go.

In a place we do not know well, we find it hard to get out enough, if
at all.  We have concerns about security, vehicle traffic incursions,
and other unknowns that might lead to unpleasantness.  I often felt
that way during the many years I was a corporate road warrior.

However, all cities have places where one can run or walk
comfortably, with other runners and walkers around.  In fact, many
cities have very enjoyable, stimulating places to run or walk.  
Sightseeing and exercise can often be combined. Unfortunately,
your average travel guide book or website is of little help.  What we
need is a
runners' travel guide, with solid, reliable information on
I researched “Fun on Foot in America’s Cities” over several years,
while a business traveler and a recreational traveler.  I decided to
pin down the very best places to run in all the cities I visited and
document the best running routes in detail.  

My wife Nola became enthused about this project, realizing the
benefits of spending more time outdoors in interesting places.  She
joined the project, adding the female perspective.

Our book describes the running environments in 14 major USA
metropolitan regions and recommends the best running or walking
routes in convenient reach of where visitors tend to stay.  We cover
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los
Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San
Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

We provide our own route maps, including details of everything of
importance to runners or walkers, including mileages, restrooms,
public transit access, water fountains, attractions, and great food or
beverage places to end your outing.  We have checked all details
personally and,when in doubt, confirmed details with members of
the local running community.

We firmly believe that running or walking routes should be
enjoyable if we are to get outdoors more.  For the cities we cover
we believe we have nailed down the outdoor exercise routes that
are definitely the most fun!

If you buy this book and are not satisfied, you can return it at any
time for a full refund (S&H excluded).

Warwick Ford; Marathon Runner, ex-Road-Warrior, and Author
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